Integrative medicine research paper

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Integrative Medicine Paper

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Writing an Integrative Paper

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Complementary and integrative medicine for cancer patients – A purely ideological debate?

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Integrative Research Paper

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Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine

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With our five leading scholarly journals, ACSM offers access to cutting-edge research, translational science, relevant clinical reports and evidence-informed practical content for researchers, students, clinicians, those working to improve health outcomes, and health and fitness professionals.

Integrative Medicine Research (IMR) is the official journal of the Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine. The journal is a quarterly, peer-reviewed, subsidized open access journal focused on evidence-based scientific research in integrative medicine, traditional medicine, and complementary and alternative medicine.

guidelines for draft of integrative paper The draft should be at least EIGHT PAGES (but no more than 15 pages) (not counting cover page.

Find evidence-based information from our Integrative Medicine experts about herbs, vitamins, and other dietary supplements.

The leading peer-reviewed journal providing scientific research for the evaluation and integration of complementary and alternative medicine into mainstream medical practice. Track accepted paper.

Writing an Integrative Paper

Once production of your article has started, you can track the status of your article via Track Your Accepted We are delighted to announce that articles published in Integrative Medicine Research are now indexed and available through PubMed Central (PMC) and PubMed.

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Integrative medicine research paper
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