How to write a works cited page for a poem

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Write a complete literary analysis over your poem

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works cited essay Your list the works consulted in 8th edition. o “The citation of a shortened title with page number in parentheses follows the quotation, and the period follows the citation” (How to Cite 1).

An entry or “artifact” in the Works Cited page is detailed according to the type of source. PRIMARY SOURCE: The literary work (novel, play, story, poem) to be discussed in an essay. WORKS CITED: a separate page listing all the works cited in an essay.

It. simplifies documentation because it permits you to make only brief references to. those works in the test (parenthetical documentation). A painter keeps a sketchbook--a place to pencil-sketch persons and objects that might eventually be included in a painting.

A writer's notebook, which all my students record original ideas in daily, serves as a our "painter's sketchbook" for our future writer's workshop jkaireland.comt me at [email protected] with any questions about this page.

If the course starts on any date other than those listed the student must drop the course prior to the first day of the class to receive a full refund. C.

MLA Format: Parenthetical Citations

a works cited page connected to a list of parenthetical citations at the end D. parenthetical citations connected to an alphabetical list of in-text citations at the beginning A.

brief in-text citations connected to a works cited page.

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