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Market Intelligence Report Enterprise Local Marketing Automation Tools: A Marketer’s Guide Marketing Land’s latest publication of the “Enterprise Local Marketing Automation Platforms: A Marketerís Guide” examines the market for local marketing automation platforms and the considerations involved in implementation.

The market was long dominated by print, in-store advertising and event marketing but tech-savvy luxury brand consumers are going digital like there’s no tomorrow. WOM is the most-represented topic in digital and social marketing research, which is unsurprising given the reliance consumers seem to have on socially sourced online information.

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A number of sub-themes were covered recently. By plotting Internet marketing research topics against research strategies (Table 8), many of the gaps in Internet marketing research are exposed.

The gaps are at the intersection of less used methodologies (Judgement Task, Experimental Simulation, Lab Experiment) and less studied domains in Internet marketing (Search Strategies and Web ). marketing - research conducted by Reijonen () found that from a SMEs general point of view, marketing can be described as “a means to inform the customer about the firm, its products, and.

As digital marketing becomes more automated, marketers are allocating more of their budgets to marketing technology.

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Research indicates CMOs spend about 30% of their budgets on tech products.

Digital marketing research paper
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