Apache rewrite add header and page

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A practical guide to secure and harden Apache Web Server. 1. Introduction. The Web Server is a crucial part of web-based applications.

Apache Web Server is often placed at the edge of the network hence it becomes one of the most vulnerable services to attack. This came up at work today and I don’t see a solution anywhere out there: how can you use Apache’s mod_rewrite to add, modify or delete HTTP headers?

Examples. Copy all request headers that begin with "TS" to the response headers: Header echo ^TS; Add a header, MyHeader, to the response including a timestamp for when the request was received and how long it took to begin serving the jkaireland.com header can be used by the client to intuit load on the server or in isolating bottlenecks between the client and the server.

You don't need the full-blown rewrite engine with all its checks and possibilities to just redirect the client. It would be (marginally) faster since mod_alias is not near as complex as mod_rewrite and you'd only need one directive (RedirectPermanent) instead of two with mod_rewrite. > Can you quote the "not permitted" part?

I would interpret the very first sentence as implying that the host header is at least not expected to be listed in Vary: > The "Vary" header field in a response describes what parts of a request message, aside from the method, Host header field, and request target, might influence [ ] > Is there any practical harm in your scenario?

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Apache rewrite add header and page
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